10 Powerful Ideas to Grow Your Social Media Audience

10 Powerful Ideas to Grow Your Social Media Audience

Whether you’re running a business or trying to build a personal brand, it’s crucial to have a strong online presence. Of course, social media is one of the best places to establish your brand on the internet. However, getting enough audience on social media isn’t easy.


Don’t get worked up over this as there are proven strategies you can use to build your social media audience. Let’s check out 10 powerful ideas you can use.

 1. Make your posts more visually appealing

Regardless of the channel you’re using, graphics can draw more audience to your social media pages. According to some surveys, posts with suitable pictures get 94% more views than those without pictures.

What are the main visuals to focus on?

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • GIFs

You can get stock images and videos or use Canva and other design tools to create your visuals.

2. Hold contests for your followers

If you’re looking for more people to follow your page and like your posts, holding contests is one of the best things to consider. This particular idea will also keep your existing followers busy with your posts as they also try to win the contests.

A few examples of the best-performing social media contests are:

  • Fill-in-the-blank competition
  • Comment to win
  • Share to win
  • Comment-with-the-most-likes win
  • Photo contest

Whatever contest you hold, make sure it relates to your brand.

 3. Cross-promote your content

Generally, most social media users are on more than one platform. This means that the same people on Facebook likely have accounts on Instagram, Twitter, etc. Therefore, you shouldn’t limit the promotion of your social media content to a single platform. In other words, you should share the same content on different platforms.

For instance, if you create a Facebook post to drive more followers to your page, you shouldn’t hesitate to share the same post on Twitter and other platforms. This ensures that the post can reach more individuals, boosting your social media audience.

 4. Buy followers and likes for your pages

While it’s highly recommended to rely on organic engagement, it’s often slow and difficult to achieve. Fortunately, you can give yourself a competitive advantage by buying social media followers and likes.

Basically, if you have lots of followers and likes on a channel, it’s a form of social proof that your page is credible and resourceful to lots of individuals. As a result of this, more people will be interested in following you to see what you’re capable of offering. Therefore, this idea is a great investment with astounding ROI.

Are you ready to buy Facebook likes and followers? Instant-Famous is the website you can count on. This platform also offers Instagram followers and likes, TikTok likes, etc.

 5. Encourage your followers to tag others

Another important way to boost your audience is to encourage your followers to tag their friends and family in your post. By doing this, your post will reach more individuals; thus, increasing your chance of getting more followers and engagements.

For instance, you can create a wonderful post and ask your followers to tag a friend to see it. On Valentine’s Day, you can encourage your audience to tag a friend or family member who they want to appreciate.

This strategy doesn’t only bring more comments to your post but can also help you to get more followers. Nonetheless, you should only do this once in a while to avoid making it lose its appeal.

 6. Engage your social media community

As the number of your followers increases, it’s paramount to keep them engaged. Nowadays, most social media users want brands to show their human parts by responding to their comments as quickly as possible. So, if it takes you several hours or days to respond to your audiences, you may lose some of them soon.

Therefore, you should prioritize constant engagement with your audiences. Like their comments, retweet their posts, respond to their questions, and be attentive to their needs. These things will endear you to your followers.

 7. Update your profile pictures and cover photos regularly

Many brands haven’t changed their profile pictures and cover photos for several months. Unluckily, this can affect the visibility of the brands as the photos will lose their appeal after some periods.

You should make it your duty to update your profile pictures and cover photos from time to time. Use only high-quality images relevant to your brand. What’s more, resize the images to suit each social media channel.

 8. Use paid ads

Most social media platforms now enable users to sponsor their posts to reach more audiences. So, you shouldn’t hesitate to spend some money on paid/sponsored ads. The advertisements can make a difference in boosting conversions and bringing new followers to your brand.

To make the most of your paid ads, you need to optimize your page. Your profile and posts should give people a clear idea of what you’re offering. With this, you’ll be able to attract your target audience.

 9. Be entertaining

Irrespective of the kind of brand you’re building, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of entertaining your audience. Take the time to be humorous as this makes your followers see your human side.

It’s noteworthy that you don’t have to be naturally funny to entertain your audience. Sharing humorous memes, videos, photos, etc. can be enough to put some smiles on the faces of your target audience.

 10. Use hashtags

Without mincing words, hashtags can play a vital role in growing your social media audience. However, you should ensure the hashtags are relevant to your brands so that you can get the right people.

You can explore various means to add hashtags to your posts. Firstly, if there’s a trending subject, you can use hashtags to attract more people to your post. Secondly, add famous hashtags such as #TBT #photooftheday #MondayMotivation, #love, #happy, #FOMO, etc.


With these 10 powerful ideas, you should be able to grow your social media audience easily and quickly.